Geoff Mackley

Expedition Leader

Auckland, NZ

I got my first taste of volcanic action in 1995 with the eruption of Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. I came away from that feeling somewhat like this was visual heroin, the biggest rush you can get that’s legal, I was hooked immediately and went straight on from there to start travelling to and climbing erupting volcanoes all over the world.

But there is one place that tops all in terms of volcanic splendour: Ambrym Island in Vanuatu, and in particular, the lava lakes of Marum and Benbow, both lava lakes are at the bottom of pits up to 400 metres deep.

For 15 years, ever since peering down at Marum’s incredible lava lake for the first time, I came back to Ambrym volcano again and again with just one goal, to get as close to the lava as possible. With Bradley Ambrose I was finally able to fulfill that dream in 2012.

Chris Horsley

Climber & Photographer

Liverpool, UK

I have always been enthused by adventure. When I was a teen aiming for a path in the Air Force I joined the cadets, where I found my passion for outdoor adventure and climbing.

Since 21 I have been pushing the limits of travel, to a point where I was adopted by a tribe in Papua New Guinea. Adventures like this have built me to respect the crazy world we live in.

It was living with a tribe in Vanuatu that led me to the top of Marum and meeting Geoff and Brad where my passion for volcanoes came to life. Since this day, nearly two years ago, I have played a key role on multiple climbs on volcanoes harnessing some of the most active lava lakes in the world. Always remembering the incredible rush of approaching Marums lava lake for the first time drives my thirst to explore more. From this day I was hooked on volcanoes.