Marum Volcano is based on Ambrym Island, a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. Behind all the rain and cloud surrounding the volcano is one of the most amazing and under-appreciated wonders of the world.

A lava lake 65 meters across, lies down the bottom of a four hundred meter plummet where few have ever set foot. The volcano is often completely shrouded by cloud, but when Marum wants to be seen, nothing can compare to the view. The size of the crater will never cease to amaze anyone as the rear face extends far into the sky.

The Ledge

Activity one begins on your preference, the ways of getting to the summit of Marum vary immensely from a chartered aircraft, and a helicopter ride to the top or a walk up from a village on Ambrym and all of these options can be mixed and matched to anyone’s preference. When you reach the summit of Marum you will most likely be met be a fully functional camp completed with shower tents, toilet tents and a shelter where cooking and eating will take place. On this first activity it would be our pleasure to guide you safety to the very edge of the crater where you can peer into the depths of Marum into the heart of the earth.

Ambrym is a land of contrasts,  4 seasons in one day, where the most rigorous and harsh weather you could imagine is happening one day and yet the next day you could be basking in the sun and the wonderful view that is Marum. We would highly recommend you to stick through the worst of it until you see what you came to see. Within reason, we stay at the summit camp until all participants have achieved the descent to what we call the 100 metre cliff,  at this point you will look down 300 vertical metres to the lava lake below.

If you do not already have basic rope skills, we will teach them to you in order to complete the one hundred meter abseil into Marum. Your guides will set one hundred meters of rope down the eastern ridge where you will make an easy descent downwards. When you finally reach the 100 metre mark one of our photographers will be ready to shoot you right into the history books. From there you will be connected to your guide and towed up the hill by one of our many Actsafe machines, you will feel like superman walking up out of the volcano. When you get back to camp you will be able to enjoy wireless Internet, a hot meal and a nice hot shower.


Our second option is not for the light hearted and we recommend having some basic rope skills and having some level of fitness. Here we want to share with you the most amazing show on earth from less than 50m away. We will guide you down a 400m cliff to where you can experience the true power of nature. If you are feeling a little rusty we would be more than happy to throw you on the easy slope for a couple of rounds first and if you are feeling adventurous we can even teach you to operate one of our many Actsafe’s where you can take control of your own ascent out of Marum.

When you reach the bottom of the 400m drop we will safely guide you to the very edge of the inner crater, as close as humanly possible. You will be able to gaze at the lava lake from the safety of a full heat suit; you will also breathe freely from a firefighter grade breathing apparatus. When you can no longer withstand the heat or simply run out of air you will be towed back up out of Marum and into the safety of base camp.


Also located on the island of Ambrym, Vanuatu, Benbow it the sister volcano to Marum. It offers an equally impressive lava lake with surges of molten rock up to 40 meters high.

Requiring a little less rope skill than a full descent of Marum but still offering one of the most active lava lakes in the world, this is an absolute gem of the Pacific. Setting up camp 250 meters inside the crater rim on a flat bed of volcanic ash it's an incredible place, as night falls the whole caldera glows with the fierce red of the lava lake just 100 meters away.

The climb itself consists of two sections, firstly a 100m vertical wall. Dont worry, you will be guided by one of our specialist climbers and it's great fun once you relax and trust the ropes. A small walk over is then required to the start of the second pitch which is a much more gentle gradient and will take you to the crater floor where we will spend the day observing and photographing the molten rock as it pools and surges. This incredible place will blow your mind and definitely leave you wanting more. One of our photographers will capture the moment of a lifetime as you stand meters away from one of the most active lava lakes in the world. When it's time to ascend we will be using our specialized ascenders to drive ourselves out and return to camp.